Grey Elf Hunter/Thief of the Gnarley Forest


Name: Arrador (Without a Path (ar+râd) Brother (tôr), pronounced arrad+tôr)

Surname: Baen’lyl (Blessed by the Blade)

Player: Darren McHardy

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Age: 110 Years Old (Young Adult)

Build: slender, slightly muscular.

Skin: Very Light Grey in appearance.

Hair: Short white.

Eyes: Grey, slightly light blue.

Language: Common and Elven

Clothing: Dark Linen and leathers. Animal pelts and skins.

Weapons: Elven Masterwork Dual Daggers and Elven Masterwork Recurve bow.

Magic: Knows Limited Common Magic in order to Heal on the go and boost the abilities of his weapons.


Family: Mother Died when he was born.
Father was a hunter, never showed any affection. Taught him how to hunt since very young. Left his father at the age of 40 and has not seen him since.

What he does: Does some hunting for spare coin. Has stolen food or other essential items when necessary (When his coin runs out and hunting contracts are scarce).

Home: Lived in the Gnarley Forest with his father for 40 years. Now either finds place at a Dyvers inn or sleeps in the woods (when out hunting).


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